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About us

HuBei Fullcare Protective Products Co.,Ltd. (here below as Fullcare) is a Chinese company based in Xiantao city,Hubei province since 2008, covering the land space of 10000 sqm with manufacturing area of 5000 sqm, with a standard  ISO Class 10 clean-room ETO sterilization center . We has been distinguished with approvals and certifications such as ISO13485:2003 and CE .

We manufacture and supply a range of medical and healthcare products. In China, We supply to hospital, trading companies, medical equipments companies and local distributors. At the same time products are widely exported to the European Union countries, USA, Canada, Africa, Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Eastern European Countries, South America and Middle-East countries (more than 130 countries and territories).

Being a professional manufacturer of disposable nonwoven and plastic consumables, we mainly produce and supply sterile and non-sterile products as follows: overalls ,gowns, caps, shoecovers, sleeve covers, face masks suits,gloves,ect.

We work with integrity, and professionalism to satisfy our customers' requirements; We are committed to improving patients' health and quality of life by delivering  the best possible customer service, excellent quality and the most advanced products; Our experienced innovate team will help our customers develop new projects with premier and the most updated Non-Woven trend in the world.



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