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Where and How to use mob caps?

Mob cap usage:

It can be used in hospital, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures, any where need protection. Prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading. Can be used as a visit protection.Prevent to cross infection in medical treatment at sanitation field. Economical and disposable. Accord with the hygienic standard.

1. Material: PP nonwoven 10,12, 14, 18gsm and another different weight material can be available.
2. Normal Size:19’’, 21’’, 24’’
3. Breathable, non-absorbent
4. PP nonwoven,economical,elegant and good looking.
5. Single or double elastic
6. Cap is compactly folded in strip easily open to shape
7. Soft,thermally bonded polypropylene with welded elastic around the edge
8. Capability: disposable, soft
9. Sanitation and quality in accordance with the CE, GOST, ISO standards
10. Produce according to customers' samples & specifications
11.Packing: 100pcs/PE bag, 1000pcs/Carton, 42*23.5*27cm
12. Moq: 100,000pcs


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