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Lab coat

  • Disposable lab Coat,WTG2012
  • Disposable lab Coat,WTG2012
Disposable lab Coat,WTG2012Disposable lab Coat,WTG2012

Disposable lab Coat,WTG2012

  • Model:WTG2012
  • Color: White,Blue,Green,Yellow,Red
  • Material :PP/PP+PE/SMS/Microporous
  • Product description: Disposable nonwoven lab gown (button )/Visitor Clothes/Lab Coat, nonwoven lab coat, lab coat,


Product Name Disposable PP/SMS/PP+PE/Microporous lab coats

Material :PP/PP+PE/SMS/Microporous
Color White,Blue,Green,Yellow,Red, or other color per your request.
Weight 20~65g/square meters
Size :S:153.5*112CM, M:160.5*120cm, L:168*132cm,XL:173.5*136cm,2XL:180.5*144cm,3XL:188.5*150cm, 4XL:195.5*156CM,etc.
Style Elastic/ knitted cuff, round neck/ with collar, front button,
Customization is available .
Packing Details: 1pcs/polybag, 50pcs/carton and as you require
Port of Loading: Wuhan/Shanghai
Applications Hospital, hotel, dustproof place, food/electronic/chemical workshop


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